Toyota Corolla 2020 Headlight Bulb | Everything You Need to Know

toyota corolla 2020 headlight bulb

The 2020 Toyota Corolla is famous for its dependability and efficiency, but like any car, it requires regular maintenance to remain in good shape.

One critical component of vehicle maintenance is ensuring that your headlights are working correctly. This article will walk you through replacing Toyota Corolla 2020 headlight bulbs, ensuring you always have a clear road vision.

Understanding Your 2020 Toyota Corolla Headlight System

Before you begin the replacement process, understand your 2020 Toyota Corolla headlight system. The model uses a single bulb size (LED) for both high and low beams, making it easier to obtain the proper replacement.

Types Of 2020 Toyota Corolla Headlight Bulbs

The 2020 Toyota Corolla comes standard with LED headlights in both high and low beams. However, if you’re looking at different types of bulbs for additional lighting positions or thinking about an upgrade, here are the options available:

LED: The 2020 Corolla’s default option is noted for its energy economy and long life. LEDs are usually built into the headlamp unit and are not changeable.

Halogen: A widespread and inexpensive bulb type that can be utilized for various lighting applications in the car.

OE Xenon(HID): These are brighter and last longer than halogen bulbs but cost more. They may not be standard, but they can serve as an upgrade.

HID Conversion Kits: These kits deliver a brighter and whiter light for individuals wishing to convert from halogen to HID.

Toyota Corolla (2020) Headlight Bulb Size Chart

Reverse Light (Back-Up Light)T15 (912 921)
Dome LightDE3175 (31MM)
Map LightT10 (194 168)
Parking Light7443 (7440)
Side Marker Light (Front)T10 (194 168)
Side Marker Light (Rear)T10 (194 168)
Turn Signal Light (Front)7443 (7440)
Turn Signal Light (Rear)7443 (7440)
Trunk LightT10 (194 168)
toyota corolla 2020 headlight bulb replacement

Toyota Corolla 2020 Headlight Bulb Replacement | Step-By-Step

First and foremost, you’ll need the appropriate 2020 Toyota Corolla headlight bulb size. Of course, you could examine the owner’s manual, but let’s be honest: it’s just as dull.

Instead, check the chart above or remove the existing bulb to determine its size. It’s not rocket science; it’s more like bulb science.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

1) Park the 2020 Toyota Corolla on level ground and turn off the ignition.

2) Open and pop the hood.

3) To fix the hood, pull the lock bar up and out of the clip.

4) Find the back of the headlight assembly, where the bulb is stored.

5) You may have to remove other components to get to it.

6) Locate the electrical hookup in the back of the headlight compartment.

7) Push down on the locking tab and remove the connector from the bulb.

8) Remove the old lightbulb. Depending on the trim, you might need to:

a) Unscrew the retaining ring

b) Unclip a metal pin.

c) Rotate the bulb counterclockwise.

9) Install the replacement bulb without touching the glass.

10) Reconnect the electrical connector, making sure it clicks in place.

11) Turn on your headlights to test the new bulb.

12) You might need to aim your headlights.

Tips for a Smooth Replacement:

  • Consult the Owner’s Manual: Your owner’s manual is an invaluable resource that provides specific instructions for your vehicle.
  • Handle Bulbs with Care: LED bulbs are sensitive to oils and debris. To prevent damage, handle them with clean gloves or a cloth.
  • Alignment Check: After replacing the bulbs, ensure they are correctly aligned to avoid blinding other drivers.

Maintenance Tips For Toyota Corolla

If a Toyota COROLLA headlight or fog light bulb is burned, it will result in an MOT failure if not repaired before you take your car.

In reality, you must always keep a set of spare light bulbs in your automobile in case of a lighting malfunction.

This set should include a couple of Toyota COROLLA headlight bulbs (H1 and H7) and bulbs for the fog, tail, and indicator lights. If everyone is present, you can go in peace, knowing you will be easily seen even if there is a breakdown.

Find The Perfect 2020 Toyota Corolla Headlight Bulb Size Today

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