Comprehensive Guide to 2020 Toyota Corolla Headlight Bulb Replacement

2020 toyota corolla headlight bulb replacement

Illuminate your driving with confidence! The 2020 Toyota Corolla headlight bulb replacement is easy, so you’ll never be left in the dark. LED technology improves your Corolla’s lighting’s brightness, durability, and efficiency. Say goodbye to blurred eyesight and hello to a clear road forward.

You can update your Corolla’s headlights yourself or hire a professional. Either way, it will make driving safer and more fun. Light up your journey with the 2020 Toyota Corolla, where clarity meets the road.

Understanding the Headlight System in the 2020 Toyota Corolla

The 2020 Toyota Corolla’s headlight system has several high-tech parts that make it easier to see and safer. Here is a list of the most essential parts:

LED Front Lights: The standard LED headlights on the 2020 Corolla are bright and use little energy.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL): These make things easier to see during the day.

Automatic High Beams (AHB): This feature changes the beams automatically between high and low based on the traffic.

Adaptive Headlights: Some models might not have adaptive headlamps, but the basic LED system still gives off a lot of light.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Car Headlights?

Dim the headlights: A dim headlamp makes it hard to see the road while driving. It usually means the bulb will soon be out.

Headlights that flicker: Flickering headlights usually mean the bulbs are almost completely dead. This is usually caused by worn-out or broken wiring, but bad wiring or connections can also be a source of problems.

Low beams don’t work: If you switch the high-beam bulb for the low-beam bulb and the low beam still doesn’t work, you may need to change a blown fuse.

The front light is out: Headlights will burn out over time and must be changed. This is a big problem because you won’t be able to see very well when you’re moving at night.

2020 toyota corolla headlight

What Causes Headlights To Fail?

Headlights typically fail due to broken filaments, which are brittle and operate at high temperatures.

Here are some additional reasons why your headlights fail:

Damaged relay: If your relay is damaged, it cannot complete the electrical circuit and send the necessary current to the headlamps for operation. High and low beams have separate relays, so one can continue functioning if the other fails.

Wiring problems: Wiring faults might blow up blubs by transferring too much current through the system.

Intense vibrations: Driving on uneven roads may cause vibrations that damage the fragile filament, leading the headlamps to fail.

Excess heat: The filament can break early if you use the headlights too much, like when you often drive at night.

Water is flowing into the housing: Condensation in the housing indicates water leakage. Water and electricity do not mix well, which could result in a short circuit or the bulb blowing.

What Tools Will You Need To Replace A Headlight Bulb?

If you’re planning to change an auto headlight, these are the necessary tools:

  • Screwdriver (flathead or Philips head)
  • Locking grip or bulb pliers
  • Socket wrench set.
  • Cotton gloves
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Replacement headlamp bulbs

Step Guide For Toyota Corolla 2020 Headlight Bulb Replacement

First, you’ll need a 2020 Toyota Corolla headlight bulb size. There’s always the owner’s guidebook, but let’s be honest: it’s just as dull. To find out what size bulb you need, look at the chart above or remove the old one. It’s not rocket science; it’s more like light science.

Just do what it says below, step by step:

1) Put the 2020 Toyota Corolla down on a flat surface and turn off the key.

2) Take off the top and open it.
3) To fix the hood, pull the lock bar up and out of the clip.
4) Find the place on the back of the headlight unit where the bulb is kept.
5) You might have to remove other parts to get to it.
6) Look for the electrical connection in the back of the headlamp compartment.
7) Push down on the tab that locks the connection, then pull it away from the bulb.
8) Take out the old light bulb. Depending on your trim, you may need to

  • a) Remove a metal clip,
  • b) Unscrew a retaining ring, or
  • c) Turn the bulb anticlockwise.

9) Put the new bulb in without hitting the glass.
10) Put the electricity plug back in and make sure it clicks into place.
11) Test the new bulb by turning on the headlamps.
12) You might need to point your headlamps.


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